Felix Ostrowski has visualized some German bibliographic datasets available at thedatahu.io using the gephi. Please leave a comment if a dataset is missing.


  • Manually scraped the "links:xyz"-Statements from the German LLD datasets and converted them to turtle.
  • Converted the result into a Gephi graph with the Semantic Web Plugin, using a SPARQL-Construct to load the entire graph.
  • Removed the dcat:Dataset-Node because rdf:type information is not of interest in this case. This last step was necessary, because dhub:oanetzwerk has neither outgoing nor incoming links and thus would not have showed up if only the dc:related relationships would have been constructed.

Nodes sized by number of datasets linking in

Nodes sized by number of datasets linked to

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  1. I just noticed that the links going out from STW Thesaurus for Economics are missing. Will try to add these soon.

    1. I added those links and updated the visualizations. Old versions are still available here and here.