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Our LOD service is now updated daily, at least the data coming from the German Online-ISIL-Verzeichnis .

Help update and curate the ISIL data

As you might have discovered, some geo location entries are not correct. We use the OSM-API and some heuristics to compute these geo coordinates if they are missing in the original data (and there are only just around 3 % of data with geo coordinates in the original data!), but that is prone to errors.
So, if you discover wrong geo coordinates for German institutions, the best way to correct them is to update the original database (which is the German Online-ISIL-Verzeichnis). You can edit this online formular OR you can contact the Institution (find the E-Mail for the institution on that same lobid-organisation website where you have found the incorrect geolocation on the map), make them aware of the importance of updating their coordinates and (and others) will present the updated data one day later.