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Open Data libraries of the hbz library network

As of September 2013 the last two libraries from the hbz library network - ULB Düsseldorf and UB Paderborn - have decided to join the open data initiative that started in March 2010. Thus, after three and a half years of arguing for open data, the hbz catalogue in whole is now openly licensed with CC0.

General information about the data and the export

The data is exported from the union catalogue and published by the North Rhine-Westphalian Libary Service Centre. There are raw data exports with records from the individual open data libraries. Also, the data is converted by the hbz to Linked Open Data which is used in the Linked Open Data service This data can also be downloaded as a whole. All data which is available for download here is published under a Creative Commons CC0 licence. The data thus is in the Public Domain which means it belongs to everybody and can be used without restrictions for any purpose. For more information see below.

(warning) Download URLs are - due to easier maintenance - kept up to data at (See links below.)

Raw Data: MAB2 XML

Linked Open hbz Data


Open hbz data as Linked Data






More information (download URLs etc.)

Any questions?
Contact semweb[at]hbz-nrw [dot]de or post a comment on this page. (You'll have to login/register first.]

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